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Pastoral Care

We do not offer Christian counseling services. Here are some Christian based, licensed therapists in your area.

Pastoral Care is private and anonymous.

Our Pastoral Care is part of our Outreach Ministry face-to-face, over the phone, in groups, or one-on-one. The goal of our Pastoral Care is to help and love people on a spiritual level. It involves caring for people like a shepherd cares for his sheep — with loving attention for everyone — as Jesus calls disciples, bishops, priests, pastors, chaplains and ministers to do. We serve through Christ's love, justice, and Word providing spiritual:

  • ministry
  • teaching
  • fellowship
  • weddings
  • sustainment
  • bereavement
  • healing
  • relief
  • guidance
  • reconciliation
  • nurturing
  • support

The Church in Acts displayed the seven functions of pastoral care: Leadership, Prayer, Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism, Fellowship, and Ministry. These functions are keys to a ministry being biblically healthy and growing. Ministries focusing on these functions have greater impact on their community and world.

Jesus initially passed the task of pastoral care to his apostles and then to all believers (Acts 20:28 NASB1995, John 21:15 NASB1995, Ephesians 4:11 NASB1995, 1 Peter 5:2-4 NASB1995). Thus, pastoral care follows Jesus in helping, accepting, visiting (Luke 15:2 NASB1995, 19:10 NASB1995, John 4:7-10, 8:1-9 NASB1995), and approaching everyone (Mark 2:1-12 NASB1995).

The overarching command to 'love one another' means to take responsibility for one another, to watch over one another in love — a ministerial role. The ministerial role in general is an expression not only of love but also of the gifts given by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:7 NASB1995).

If you need pastoral care, please contact us.

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