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Christian Ministry

Be Free in God is a non-denominational, expository, evangelical Christian ministry.

What Is Non-denominational Ministry?
A non-denominational ministry is a Christian ministry holding no connection with recognized denominations and mainline ministries such as the Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, or Methodist ministries. Ministry denominations are larger organizations holding a particular identity, set of beliefs, and traditions. In denominational ministries, the broader organization may set forth directives on leadership structures, membership, and dogma. In non-denominational ministries, each ministry makes decisions on various parts of ministry life for itself.

Non-denominational ministries rose out of a desire for independence and a need to return to the biblical basics of Christianity, removed from the doctrinal and sometimes political affiliations many long-established denominational ministries have accumulated over the years.

Non-denominational ministries generally believe the Bible should be the authority dictating teaching, worship, and other aspects of Christian life.

What is Expository Ministry?
Expository ministry is a call to deliver the message already delivered in Scriptures of the Bible. It is a form of ministry detailing the meaning of a particular text or passage of Scripture. It ministers a comprehensive explanation of the Bible passage presented entirely and exactly as it was intended by God, and the proclamation of God's truth. Expository ministry is as old as the Torah, and exposition ensures the highest level of biblical knowledge for listeners. Exposition is the most faithful way to let the Word of God speak for itself and affirms the Bible is true, powerful, and life changing.

Expository ministry is anything but dry and boring. What could be more riveting than hearing what God says to us and having it specifically applied to our life? Expositional ministry is personal, engaging, and relevant to life. So, it is what we do.

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